Grinding instructions for FASSCO Carbide Tipped Paper Cutting Knives Quality F-8000

Recommended sharpening procedure: Infeed grinding
Grinding: Tilt cup grinding wheel slightly until cross cut is eliminated. Running direction against cutting edge.
Grinding discs: Pregrinding with diamond D 126
Fine grinding with diamond D 20
Cooling: Sufficient clean, well filtered cooling water with coolent additive, which guarantees bonding with cobalt (clear or emulsion).
Table speed:

100 mm/Min.

Feed per pass: 0,01 mm/min.din

The cutting edge is sharp, when nicks and poolished spots no longer visible. The cutting edge quality can only be checked properly with a microscope, enlarger or a special surface testing tool. The dull edge or nicks in an optimum knife are less than 0,005mm.

Honing of the ground cutting edge is only possible with the finest diamond stone (D 7).

After grinding the knife must be checked and if necessary has to be straightened. This procedure is a most important part of the complete grinding process and affects particularly the cutting quality and wear expectancy of the knives.

Recommended procedure: Three-point straightening with continous knife run. Do not apply pressure.

Standard knife bevel:

Standard knife bevel

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