Grinding instructions for FASSCO-machine knives (solid steel)

FASSCO-machine knives are high-grade tools made of alloyed and high-alloyed steels and therefore they need careful treatment in regrinding. Only this ensures a maximum cutting capacity.

Only an expert should carry out this work, one is provided with impeccable grinding machines and with suitable grinding wheels.

ATTENTION! Never grind dry!

Grinding errors shall be avoided by:

  • using the correct abrasives
  • sufficient coolant
  • careful infeed of the grinding wheel
  • early dressing of grinding wheel

It is very important to use the best suited grinding wheels, segments, grinding-cylinder or cup grinding wheels (see recommendations and technical data). Maximum coolant (water with rust preventive and cooling mixture) should be used (150 - 200 l/min), directly at the grinding area. Sufficient coolant must be used in order to keep the knife from burning and to clean and clear the grinding stones whilst in use.

The burr should be carefully removed by honing, after grinding. The quality of honing, directly affects the useful life of the cutting edge.

Guidance of honing stones:

Guidance of honing stones

Deficient grinding machines, too high grinding pressure, too low water cooling and unfit grinding wheels lead to grinding errors. The signs are: The cutting edge shows burns (yellow-blue colouring / decarbonization), which result in unsufficient output, cracks and nicks.

The highest possible table speed reduces the risk of burning. If the machine permits, it is also advisable to reduce the spindle speed. A lower spindle speed has the effect of a softer wheel. A higher spindle speed has the effect of a harder wheel.

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